MAY 3-6, 2024


4-day training program

Become an internationally recognised SFL™ professional with the most up-to-date revolutionary technology in natural facial rejuvenation.




MAY 3-6, 2024


4-Day Training Program


It is proven that SFL is the most profitable investment in the World of Beauty that immediately begins to bring results!

Enroll in an immersive four-day program designed by author and creator of SFL™ methodology Yakov Gershkovich for professionals!

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Your Path to A Successful Transformation Starts Right Now

Imagine what it would be like to have the privilege to add more value to the services you offer…To provide the worldwide recognised technology, written about in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan… The flag treatment practice at all premium world facial SPAs and salons, used in top beauty establishments in Hollywood , in the Royal Family in England…


“We are here to learn not only how to make face muscles strong and fit, but we are also here to learn how to release tension and negative emotions and help our clients feel better, heal and live a more joyful life. And it’s much more effective than just fixing and freezing the face and emotions with Botox. It’s important to bring people back to life and positivity.”

– Yakov Gershkovich

What is Sculptural Face Lifting?

From London to Los Angeles, New York to Zurich and everywhere in between, the Sculptural Face Lifting Method is the modern day mega trend in the field of NATURAL AESTHETICS. This unique approach to natural rejuvenation and MANUAL CORRECTION of the face developed by Yakov Gershkovich was dubbed as the “NATURE’s ANSWER TO BOTOX” and praised by A-list celebrities, beauty bloggers, actors, singers, musicians, politicians and thousands of women around the world who prefer HOLISTIC ALTERNATIVES TO INVASIVE FACE LIFTING PROCEDURES.

Sculptural Face Lifting is performed WITHOUT SURGERY AND INJECTIONS – by toning, strengthening and relaxing the BASIC FACIAL MUSCLES. The benefits of the technique are far reaching and go beyond just the skin!

Amazing natural rejuvenation results in clients after receiving SFL

Leave the event as a renewed & revitalized version of your professional self.

Increase your knowledge

  • Get to know the theory of the SFL™ technique
  • Enhance your knowledge of facial muscles anatomy
  • Get introduced to the Anatomy of Emotions and Facial Expressions
  • Found out what “ The Therapeutic Emotional Release” is
  • Learn how to address emotional concerns of your clients

Gain new skills

  • Get to understand and learn how the facial muscles work and apply this fundamental knowledge to practice
  • Learn how to work both superficially on the face and inside the oral cavity.
  • Learn and master two complementary techniques that form Sculptural Face Lifting™ methodology Sculptural & Intraoral

Boost self – confidence

  • Raise your professional self-esteem.
  • Get assurance in performing SFL.
  • Except yourself as a first class professional.
  • Strengthen your position in the beauty business.
  • Discover how valuable your skills and experience in the industry
  • Learn how to promote you and your business motivation, mindset and building your confidence


  • Learn strategies to promote yourself
  • Handle Social Media strategically
  • Learn and practice your sales skills
  • Learn how to find new customers

Grow your business

  • Receive a certificate of a SFL™ professional and start offering SFL™ treatments to your clients.
  • Increase the flow of customers and, accordingly, the income.

Experience the SFL action on yourself

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the SFL™ technique as a model and feel how it works from inside.
  • Feel the release of negative emotions trapped in your face.
  • Stress relief: feel how the tension goes away.
  • Assure & state an amazing result after the procedure

Get Support

  • Join our SFL™ Professional Community and receive extensive backing from an international community of SFL™ certified practitioners world wide. The SFL™ standard specifies the Rules of Conduct, explains the certification and licensing processes, and provides information about benefits of becoming a member of the SFL™ Professional Community.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give you all the knowledge and skills so that you can start practicing the SFL™ technique straight after graduation so as to bring more authenticity and beauty to the world!

There is a growing demand for SFL™ professionals.


The Program

  • The program of the seminar is addressed to the professionals in the beauty industry, massage therapy, aesthetics and medicine. For four full days of the intensive hands-on seminar on Sculptural Face Lifting, you will be taught the theory of the SFL™ technique and you will get a lot of practical exercises. The program of the seminar is addressed to the professionals in the beauty industry, massage therapy, aesthetics and medicine.

  • Two complementary techniques will be examined and worked out in detail – Sculptural and Intraoral. Sculptural technique – this first part includes thorough skillful facial manipulations. Muscle sculpting is achieved by kneading the whole face, neck, and decolletage area superficially. Intraoral technique that follows after effects mimic and chewing muscles along the entire length from origin to insertion point of muscle’s attachment from the outer and inner sides through the oral cavity, and also, indirectly, facial bones of the skull. In-depth massage results in face rectification, restoring the shape and oedema. This part is performed by the practitioner wearing sterile gloves inside the oral cavity.
  • A strong theoretical part of the seminar is supported by intensive practical learning experience. All secrets and techniques of non-surgical facelift and rejuvenation are unveiled by Yakov Gershkovich, the author of the SFL™ method. You will learn all base movements and subtleties of the key positions of the hands and each of you will receive an individual approach in learning.
  • Participants are given printed material covering the content of the course. At the completion of the seminar and subject to successfully passing the test, students are awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

    You will be ready for practice straight away!


What Our Students Have Said About Life Mastery

I learned with Yakov a new method of taking care of yourself, his technique is unique both relaxing and efficient, thanks to a unique gesture Yakov has managed to highlight the power of hands and touch, a mechanical and emotional massage, his technique is today one of the best facial treatment techniques, the results are there and Customers impressed by the lifting and relaxing effect.
Sarah Lemos
For years I had followed Yakov on Instagram and felt impacted by his energy. I was excited to travel anywhere in the world to take one of his classes just to see the master at work! The energy Yakov has put into the Sculptural Facial Lifting Method spans beyond just the hands and the face, and goes deep beyond into the emotional energy of the muscles to create an opening, awakening, and a healing that is unique to anything I have experienced before. Being able to gather, connect, and practice on other facial therapists for 4 days was so amazing and helped me to remember my true purpose here on this earth, which is to heal with my hands and my energetic gifts… I will never forget the amazing energy I received from being with Yakov, his staff, and my fellow peers. It’s is an experience and a gift I will cherish always. Thank you Yakov!
Alexis Robertson

I ‘ve been practicing Sculptural Face Lifting technique for 2 years now. This is very therapeutic procedure! I have 50 % of clients who is coming for a jaw tension, headaches, neck pain… SFL gives me opportunity to be unique in the esthetician field !

Thank you Yakov

I have been practicing Yakov’s method for two years. And wow, what can I say. It has been an incredible journey for me and my clients. I have seen people transformed not only on a physical but on a emotional and mental level. Sharing my gift through my hands it has been the most rewarding and the most fulfilling path that I chose.

Thank you Yakov for sharing your wisdom!

Gina Vas
I attended Yakovs class back in July 2021 This was the level 1 course, of four really
intensive learning days. And let me tell you what a truly beneficial magical class this
was for me. Yakov mentions at the beginning of his class that is you’re open to these
teaching, “my students will be successful”. So much truth is in this statement. What a
life changing class. My journey from this point forward has been progressively inclining positively. This course is so much more than a “technique”. My clients are very happy to have the opportunity to experience something new that benefits them so much more than facial rejuvenation.
Dear Yakov,

Back in 2019 I was drawn to your videos on Facebook and decided to take your Sculptural Facelift training no matter what. Once the training started and you demonstrated what we were going to learn, I had no idea how I will be able to memorize so many moves in just four (4) days, however, I decided to stick to it. I was the only Reflexologist in class, the rest of the students were Estheticians. I immediately told you to keep me out of intraoral massage. I thought it was not for me and I will just watch and observe the rest of the students in class. I thought I would never use it on my clients….. BUT! These four days really changed everything. The way you demonstrate and explain every move gets stored in the memory for good. This is something you cannot forget even if you try. Out of the entire Sculptural Facelift, the intraoral massage became my favorite! The method is very detailed, it works every single muscle quite deeply.
You don’t need to watch anything after the training, you can start working immediately.

There was another important part of the training about trapped emotions. It inspired me to get yet another profession which I now practice daily. In 2020 I became a Certified
Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

Sculptural Facelift is a breakthrough in the beauty industry, it is a new level and it is a wonderful opportunity to make a very good $$$$$$ if you are planning to do it professionally.

Еnroll in the only certified and licensed SFL™ seminar

Why Sculptural Face Lifting ?

International School of Sculptural Face Lifting Technique “Avantage”

“Sculptural Face Lifting™ (‘SFL’) is a unique Natural rejuvenation technique based on a worldwide recognised SFL methodology authored by Yakov Gershkovich. By acquiring our educational services, you become a certified SFL professional, and you agree to accept our licence T&Cs.”

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